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Copywriting and digital marketing solutions for small businesses committed to challenging the status quo.

Making a difference means making a connection with the people you want to help.

I can help discover opportunities to connect to your ideal audience with small business marketing solutions. Together we can create content your people want to read, attract new leads to your business, and nurture the clients you want to support and serve better.

I’m Jenny Lindsay, and I’m the founder of Connectjen. I’m a versatile marketing and communications professional, committed to helping solo or small business owners like you get started or boost your marketing so you can grow. I want to share with you my experience to support you in:

  • Marketing strategy
  • SEO copywriting
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing

Unsure where to start marketing? Or are you wearing yourself out trying to do all the things you’ve heard you should be doing?

Have an email list but not engaging your fans and followers? Or are you collecting ideas for newsletters but no list yet?

I can help!

Make the most of your marketing with professional support, strategy and activation.


Copywriting that connects and
Marketing for what matters

Help me grow my business with:

Connectjen marketing strategy
Connectjen copywriting

Does this sound familiar?

You’re an ethical business owner who wants to make a difference in your community. But gaining traction with the community and being your own boss was harder than you thought it was going to be. You’re overwhelmed with your marketing and communications to-do list and would love some help to get things running smoothly.

You’ve forgotten why you started your business because it feels like all you’re doing is drowning in marketing jargon.

  • Your business is growing, and you could use some advice to pull the pieces together in a cohesive marketing strategy
  • You need help automating your business processes, and want guidance on making the best use of your limited time, to increase efficiency
  • You want to learn a little about how marketing tools and tactics work so you can understand how your marketing fits in with your services
  • You need SEO keyword and competitor research, or content creation with engaging copy that will connect you with your supporters
  • You want to focus on your strengths and do the work you love, so you can make waves in your community
  • You don’t want to commit to hiring help over a long-term and you don’t have the cash-flow to do so
  • You don’t have the time to train someone and want someone professional and with versatile experience

As your Virtual Communications and Marketing Support, I can help you grow your business.

How can I help you connect with more clients and grow your business?


I’m here to solve your marketing frustrations by writing your campaign content. I’ll help build connections with your clients for you, supporting you with doing what you do best – taking action in the community.


True partnerships come from collaboration, and my experience and versatility means I can be the silent partner you always wanted. You’ll get the meaningful help you need to ensure you can take advantage of every opportunity.


Transparent and open communication underpins any successful collaboration. Working with me you’ll discover how great it feels to smash your project deadlines, all while receiving timely advice, recommendations and support to achieve deliverables.


You’re in complete control. As a flexible support to your small business, I’ll deliver projects or provide ongoing services, doing as much or as little as you like, so you can get the help you need, when you need it.

“Jenny is an absolute gem! Her attention to detail has been a godsend when I have been flat out with work and need a helping hand. She picks up on new tasks easily, is a great communicator (both verbally and in written communication) and is the best sub-contractor I’ve ever hired. I’d be lost without her!”

Emma Sharp | ES Communications

Who am I?

I’m an experienced and purpose-driven professional, who’s devoted her career to providing quality communication and marketing support. I’ve delivered meaningful support to a diverse range of social enterprises, ethical small businesses and corporate teams, including the Australian Public Service.

If you need small business marketing solutions from someone who understands your desire to make a difference – I’m the marketing and communications professional you need.

Grow your business with copywriting and marketing support services

Marketing strategy and activation


SEO Copywriting


Article writing and editing

Email marketing and automation

Connecting you with other industry experts

Workflows and database management

Connect with someone who shares your drive to create change

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