About Connectjen

Who is Jenny Lindsay?

I’m a productivity buff, who loves a challenge. One of my favourite things to do is support you in streamlining your business processes, so you’ll have more time to seize opportunities that will make an impact in your clients’ lives.

I love seeing this difference you make, so I do everything I can to help you.

As a small business owner myself, I understand the challenges you face with a lack of resources, and cash-flow. I’ve managed to turn 17 years’ experience in executive level admin and marketing support into a thriving business that supports multiple clients. When you work with me, you’ll get someone who’s accountable, attentive and efficient.

You’re committed to your cause, and I am too.

I’ve committed my life and my career to making a positive impact in both paid and volunteer positions within the community sector and the Australian Public Service. I know how to use digital marketing techniques as tools to inspire and create change. I know what works to build brand awareness and generate community support.

Your industry is fast-paced, but so am I.

My versatility makes me the perfect silent partner in your business. I can convert difficult corporate reports into engaging and easy to read information for your clients, making it easy to connect with them. I can help coordinate the logistics, and the marketing of your next community event, giving you the time to strengthen your network. I can help you develop your marketing narrative, to build a brand that compels people to become emotionally invested. I can provide the meaningful help you need, with a level of detail you wish you had before.

Empowering Community-minded Businesses to Achieve Their Goals

My commitment to your success takes the stress out of the everyday running of your business. My clients love that they virtually spend no time directing me. When we work together, you’ll smash your deadlines with work that is done right the first time. You’ll get to enjoy the results of the connections you’ve built, without worrying about how your business is running. I work best when you give me the freedom to get things done, when you’re clear on your processes, or allow me to help you streamline them so we can both get our work done.

I’m a versatile marketing professional based in Melbourne Australia, and can work remotely with businesses anywhere. We can meet via phone, Skype, Zoom and schedule regular online check-ins that minimise interruptions to your work flow.

Make the most of your marketing with professional support, strategy and activation.

How do we make it happen?

1.  Connect – via email, Skype, Zoom or phone to discuss how I can increase your productivity, and help your business grow

2.  Collaborate – to create your custom package, so you can reach your goals with minimal fuss

3.  Communicate – once I know you and your business, you’ll get regular updates on tasks so you can meet your deadlines

4.  Coordinate – Using proven systems (or adopting yours), I can coordinate and manage multiple projects and tasks

5.  Cultivate – relationships between you and your clients by liaising and assisting them directly if you wish, via phone, email or online

6.  Control – I help you maintain control of your workload, while you maintain control of the hours I work (so there’s no nasty surprises)

When I see your clients getting the best experience possible and building a relationship with you – that’s what makes me shine. Read more about my copywriting and marketing services to learn how Connectjen can help to grow your business online.

Who I work with

As a marketing and admin coordinator, I’ve helped a diverse range of businesses achieve success: from sole traders and small businesses, to social enterprise teams, government and community organisations.

  • Copywriting and desktop research: Communication experts and freelance copywriters
  • Content creation and event support: Social enterprise and community organisations
  • Content creation and document preparation: Sustainability and Wellness initiatives
  • Generalist admin coordination and team support: Corporate teams, in HR, Finance, Property and IT

My Qualifications

  • The Recipe for SEO Success Online eCourse (2017)
  • Marketing Diploma with Southbank Institute of TAFE, Brisbane (2016)
  • Corporate experience in Australian Public Service from (1999 to 2016)
  • Human Resources Management Diploma with Brisbane North Institute of TAFE (2013)
  • Bachelor of Asian Studies with Australian National University (1997)
  • Volunteering experience in career coaching and mentoring, events marketing, admin support (from 1997)

Connect with someone who shares your drive to create change