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Marketing services for small businesses

in Greensborough, Victoria & beyond

Do you need more clients for your business?

Let’s work on getting the word out about what you do and how you help people.

I know running a business means you’re wearing a lot of hats. “Do some marketing” probably sits at the bottom of the list. Maybe it sounds too hard. But it doesn’t need to be complicated.

I’ll help you get going on vital marketing actions so you can find more clients.

You can choose the kind of marketing help you need

Need a plan for how you’ll find clients
& set up for action?


Want to focus on messaging for socials & emails?


Looking for ad-hoc guidance,
insights and solutions?


“I was always confused and overwhelmed about how to construct my marketing messaging.

Jenny stepped me through the process of considering what the customer problems are and what my solutions are which gave me a foundation to build out my content pillars.

This was work I had been meaning to do for years and never gotten to because it is hard to do it yourself.

Erin Lightfoot | Erin Lightfoot Studio

Worried that marketing takes too much time and energy?

A lot of my clients tell me they were hesitant about marketing at first because they felt it was complicated and confusing.

I don’t ‘do’ complicated!

My approach to marketing is summed up in three steps:

  1. Identify and understand your ideal client
  2. Plan how you can engage your ideal client’s attention
  3. Create content that’s valuable and relevant to potential clients

Sound do-able?

It is. Let’s break through the procrastination together! I’ll help you establish the marketing foundations for your business.

Done-with-you marketing

The Marketing Foundations Package 

Small business owners are busy people who need to keep an eye on their time and the dollars they spend on their business. This package helps you do both.

Get the clarity, the framework and the momentum you need for your marketing efforts with three steps for one value-for-money amount.


Identify and understand your ideal client

We’ll work together to clarify your prospects’ needs, discovering the real reasons people buy from you (or don’t) and what matters to them, so you can centre your marketing around your Ideal Client Profile.


Plan how you can engage your ideal clients’ attention

Once we know who we’re talking to, we’ll look at all the ways we can reach them to make them aware of how you help solve their problem. We’ll formulate an action plan for finding clients.


Create content that’s valuable and relevant to ideal clients

Knowing what to say is harder than it sounds, but it’ll be easier with themes and topics developed ahead of time. I’ll set you up with some initial posts then you’ll be off and running.

Grab the whole Marketing Foundations package for

$1,800 +GST

Psst! Need a shortcut? 

I hear you, frustrated business owner! 

You know what you ‘should’ be doing for your marketing, but you’re drawing a blank about what to say, or your posts aren’t attracting the clients you want… 

You just want some targeted content that sounds like you. 

I can help with that. 

The Marketing Mojo Package 

Let’s get clarity and understanding about your ideal clients, then get your mojo back with posts and emails that connect with their needs.

Ideal Client

We’ll uncover the needs, motivations and concerns of potential clients which helps to create the kind of messaging that builds relationships.

Social Post

I’ll help you hone your messaging with a set of social posts for your first few weeks (about 8) to inspire your own content, or can add ongoing content creation if that’s what you need. 

Email Sequence

I want to see you growing your dedicated audience, so I’ll prepare an email sequence (5 emails) to start welcoming people into your online community.

Plan | Create | Engage

All for $900 +GST

Get going to find clients who need you.   

It’s time to end the frustration of not knowing what to post.  

Let’s do it!

Jenny Lindsay is everything you could wish for in a marketing expert: knowledgeable, approachable, flexible, and – something that is important for sole traders and small businesses – affordable. Since working with Connectjen, I have gained confidence in how to market my small business and improved my brand’s visibility immensely.

I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Marie Alafaci | Your Business Writing Coach

Not ready for that level of commitment yet?

I’m happy to meet you where you are.

How about some personal attention and support, an hour at a time, to work on marketing challenges as they come up?

For example:

  • Take the next step in your Action Plan
  • Collaborate on content to get your message out, or
  • Get guidance on systems and processes


Marketing Mastery Session

1 hour Zoom session

Plus time for me to review some background, so we can get straight into achieving results together

Guidance | Insights | Solutions

$180 +GST

Still feel like you should be able to figure it out on your own?

Many other business owners in my network agree – doing our own marketing is hard. Whether it’s because we’re just ‘too close’ to our business, or we can’t fit in the time and headspace to do marketing well, getting help makes good business sense.

I can be an extension to your marketing resources, adding fresh ideas and perspectives, while writing your content in your brand voice.

Let’s start bringing in more leads for your business.

What we’ll do together

in the Marketing Foundations Package

There’s no mystery about the process. But, the magic happens when we start uncovering insights!

We’ll meet to discuss where you’re at and what you want to achieve. I’ll learn about who you’d most like to work with so I can help you to connect with them.


Create a relatable Ideal Client Profile

First up, I’ll do some research to prepare for our first session.

I’ll do a deep dive into your ideal client’s needs and concerns and develop a draft Ideal Client Profile.

We’ll then work together in a 90-minute strategy session to:

  • Polish up the Profile, incorporating your ideas so it becomes a meaningful resource for you
  • ‘Get out of your own head’ to reveal what motivates your clients
  • Develop an essential reference for generating content ideas
  • Prepare some engaging posts to share on your pages to get the ball rolling

We’ll explore some examples of wording to use to engage potential clients online.

You’ll love coming back to this resource again and again to create posts specifically targeted to your clients’ needs.


Create a sensible Marketing Action Plan

Once we know who we’re talking to, I’ll prepare your draft Marketing Action Plan – an easy-to-follow guide to the marketing activities that are right for your business.

Then in a half-day strategy session I’ll walk you through the steps to:

  • Review your client journey
  • Identify marketing opportunities for the business
  • Match activities to your goals and working style
  • Prioritise action steps for maximum impact

This is for you if you’re keen to understand how various marketing activities fit together and you need a practical guide for what to do next to build your audience. I’m not going to hand you a complicated high-level strategy and walk away!

  • We’ll go through it together and make sure you’re well equipped for a great start.
  • You can outsource the ongoing work, for sure, I can connect you with great people.

Co-create a super-simple strategy which you can implement with minimal guidance.

…and keep accountable for consistent action to grow your business with optional Marketing Mastery sessions.


Create an actionable Content Strategy

I’ll draft up your framework along with guidance on sharing your content, so we can collaborate on:

  • Content audit: review what you’ve done so far
  • Define or update content pillars – your key themes
  • Plan future topics aligned with content pillars
  • Draft some initial posts with a content creation process you can action (or outsource)

Strategy session (90min)

If you’ve been trying to tackle content creation but just not quite getting there, this session gives you a framework and understanding of how to plan your content.

  • You can receive some ‘done-for-you’ posts or we’ll review and refine your drafts.
  • You’ll receive a list of topics grouped under 4-5 thoughtful content pillars that define what you want your brand to be known for.
  • Includes some guidance for DIY social posts, but… *not a designer* – we can find one if you need!

(An Ideal Client Profile is essential for this activity. If you don’t already have one, we can do that first!)

“Even though I had some basic understanding of my target customer, Jenny helped me gain a deeper insight into their beliefs, fears and desires.

She guided me through the process of identifying the main points and then further delved into how to effectively communicate to each of these points.

I now have a better understanding of my customers and have been able to reassess and clarify the services I offer!”


Professional memberships and affiliations

I don't claim to know everything there is to know about marketing, but I spend a lot of time learning from people who know more than I do.

Recipe for SEO Success
DMC Digital Masterchefs

Are you ready to get started with the Marketing Foundations Package?

Take the mystery out of marketing for good.

By the time we’ve completed the Marketing Foundations sessions together, you’ll be confident with your approach to connecting with more of the right clients for your business.

What you’ll get

  • 2 x 90 minute sessions
  • 1 x half day session
  • A comprehensive Ideal Client Profile
  • A sensible Marketing Action Plan
  • An actionable Content Strategy
  • A working understanding of marketing for service businesses

What are you waiting for?

Finding clients for your service business can seem like an overwhelming task and believe it or not, getting it all done isn’t the hard part. Deciding how you’re going to do it and making a start, is.

So make a start right now by booking a 15min chat with me and we’ll decide how to get it all done together.