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You could do it all, but you don’t have to

Wondering why you’d need to get someone else to write your content?

If it’s about you, surely you’re the best authority on the subject. If you don’t write it yourself, it’s not the “real you”. Right?

Not so fast.

It makes sense to hire a copywriter to help you with marketing your service or product, so you can spend your precious time on your core business. If writing is not your strong point, it’s time to bring in an expert to help you get that messaging right.

Can someone help me write content?

Some of my clients tell me they could write their own website copy or pen their own blogs, but they have a million other things to do. Writing is one thing they can hand to a skilled writer they can trust.

Do you think the CEO of … just about any major brand you can think of… is sitting up at midnight writing website copy or banging out blog posts? You can bet there’s a team of copywriters working hard to create engaging content in line with the brand’s tone of voice. I know, I belong to a network of copywriters who do just that – writing content aligned with each brand’s key message.

I can’t write about myself!

Many people find they have trouble writing about themselves. I hear you! As business owners, we’re too close to the subject matter. When we try to promote ourselves, it’s hard to write in a client-focused way.

A copywriter is objective and will focus on the features and benefits of your service or product.

You also won’t have a constant inner critic sabotaging your words. How many times have you written something great about yourself or the product you’re so proud of, only to delete it, saying “I can’t say that”?

You should say that. More importantly, your copywriter will!

I’m pretty good but could use some help with writing

For many clients, writing’s just not their field of expertise. With so many hats to wear when running a business, it makes sense to use your resources and draw on the expertise of others. When you started your business, did you study accounting? Or did you hire an accountant and bookkeeper?


Getting some help with writing, and tapping into the marketing know-how of a copywriter, means your business messaging is in great hands. It’s also a sensible use of your time.

Focus on your core business while optimising your marketing efforts with effective copywriting.

Instead of pulling another all-nighter
Don’t fret, just hire a copywriter
You could do it all – but why?
C’mon get help, don’t be shy
You’ll make your enormous workload lighter

Do you need to do it all?

Whether you’re time-poor or need an expert, consider if you need to be doing it all. For one-off projects or ongoing content creation, hiring a skilled copywriter is a great way to bring your brand messages to life.