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What is copywriting?

Oh, it’s so many things!

It’s taking a brief and finding the words the client wanted all along.

But it’s more than words.

It’s delivering a purposeful message.

A message that needs to be heard.

With all the clever buzzwords and cute acronyms around marketing techniques, it comes down to this:

  • understanding your target audience
  • writing to connect with those people, and
  • achieving the desired outcome.

The desired outcome is conversion. Do you want them to buy something? Are you informing or educating? Do you want them keen to know more?

A professionally written piece, speaking directly to your target audience, will have your reader coming back for more.

There are no copies in copywriting
Penning new prose, it’s rather exciting
We’re skilled to convey
What you’re trying to say
In words, compelling and delighting

Understanding the target audience

To find your target audience, you need to know who you’re writing for. We ask our clients for some background information. Do you know who you’re trying to connect with? Who’s your target market?

If you’re not sure, you may need to speak with a branding specialist first.

Once you’ve nailed your audience, a copywriter can write the words explaining your brand message to the people who need to hear it.

Before we even put pen to paper, we need to understand these people.

What are their core desires? Fears? Beliefs?

Only once we understand their needs, can we figure out how to connect to them. How to match your product or service with your audience’s core needs.

Writing to make a connection

Knowing who your product or service helps, means you can speak to your audience. You can make that connection.

Let’s look at some examples…

Your fantastic home-spun lambswool socks are going to help people keep their feet toasty warm
Ok, so we’re talking to people struggling day to day with cold feet.

Your home delivered fairy floss is going to satisfy your customers’ sugar cravings.
We’re talking to people who can’t get to your shop but would sell their grandma’s souvenir spoon collection for a taste of home-spun fairy floss.

Your leadership skills coaching is going to elevate your clients to the next level in their career.
We’re talking to people who’ve been stuck in a rut. Maybe they’re in a low-level position and looking for the opportunity to make positive changes in their organisation.

We’ll need to get under the surface of what you’re trying to say. To discover what your audience needs. This is how we’ll make a strong connection with the people who need to see your message.

Achieving the desired result – conversion.

What do you want to happen?

You know your topic inside out. You’ve lived and breathed your business for so many years.

So each piece of writing you share should present that knowledge in different contexts.

Do you want them to learn from you?
Do you want them to buy from you?
Do you want them intrigued and coming back for more?

Every single word needs to be prepared with a goal in mind. Website copy, blogs, social content, brochures and anything else you can think of. Every word must be written with purpose.

What do you want to happen next?

So again, we ask, what is copywriting?

Copywriting can be many things.

But what it must be are the words your target audience wants and needs to read.

Get in touch and we can chat about how this copywriter will help you reach more clients for your business.