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A lot of people have asked me “What is a Virtual Assistant?”

For some, this brings to mind Siri or Alexa, the artificial assistants developed by Apple and Amazon.

There’s nothing artificial about us Virtual Assistants, we’re human and ready to add value to your business! Virtual Assistants are talented freelancers and business owners offering a range of services to other business owners to assist with productivity.


“I’ve heard you can help me, but what’s a ‘VA’?
Can a Virtual Assistant make stress go away?”
…My name’s not Siri
But to answer your query
I’ll add productivity to your day!


Why would I want a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) could help you handle a busy workload, or contribute a specialist skill to your team or a one-off project.

What if I need some help in the office but I’m not in a position to hire an employee?

  • Engage a Virtual Assistant as a contractor for defined hours or tasks.

What if I need someone with a particular skill for a project, but don’t have the office space for a co-worker?

  • A Virtual Assistant helps you “virtually”, using online tools and communicating remotely from their own office.


What can a Virtual Assistant help me with?

From supporting your team, to taking charge of your next project, there are many ways a Virtual Assistant can help you regain your productivity to achieve your goals.

A Virtual Assistant’s skillset is unique, depending on each person’s background, whether it’s marketing, admin, finance or copywriting, to name a few common fields of expertise. We’ve come from all walks of life, for example: public service, accounting, HR, marketing or project management.

With so many options, you can find a Virtual Assistant with skills that will complement and add value to your busy operations.


I’m looking for someone who is capable, dependable, and flexible – can a VA help?

If you need someone like this in your world, but don’t want to take on an employee with the accompanying office space/overheads, then a Virtual Assistant could be the solution for you.


Where do I start?

During an initial consultation, usually by phone, you’ll get a chance to discuss your needs and how a VA can be your connection to the best results.


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