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Do you feel like you’re spending too much of your precious life on the time-consuming but essential to-dos – particularly admin and marketing leg-work? Your time is more valuable than that! Hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) can give you time to focus on your big goals. With a virtual assistant who understands you and knows how to support your business, you’ll be getting the help you need to increase your productivity and earning potential.

How having a VA that “gets” you can reduce stress

Being a business owner has brought you the freedom you wanted. But in order to grow, you need some help. Having to take on staff can feel like it’s all too hard. Often I hear business owners saying:

“It would just be quicker to do it myself. Why would I bother training someone else?”

Now, a VA is used to thinking on his/her feet and coming up to speed quickly, but there is always a learning curve and settling in period. How can you make it easier on both of you? Try finding a virtual assistant with relevant industry experience who’ll hit the ground running.

Shared values means being “on the same page” with your virtual assistant

Finding a contractor who shares your values and is a good “fit” for your organisation is just as important as with recruiting an employee. You’ll have less contact with a virtual assistant than with someone who’s in your office everyday. So the communication and rapport needs to be strong to achieve the best results from your investment in this resource.

Find a VA who’ll be the best fit
You’ll get more value and even enjoy it
At an early stage
Check you’re “on the same page”
Preventing what could be an early exit!

It could be something as quick as a phone conversation that determines if you’re thinking along the same track. While I might not have met all of my clients, I do ensure I have a chat (either phone, Skype or Zoom) as part of my on-boarding process. Learning more about what’s going on “behind the scenes” enables me to provide the best, tailored service to meet my client’s needs.

Identify what kind of virtual assistance will add the most value

With the wide variety of tasks that a VA can do for you, it is important to consider what kind of VA support you need.

  • Do you need a VA to help with some routine admin, scheduling, data input, document or spreadsheet formatting? Those pesky tasks build up and can really get in the way of the things that matter more to your business growth.
  • A VA who can help you with bookkeeping, or other financial management support could keep you from tearing your hair out at payroll and tax time.
  • Having a VA do your copywriting for blogs or social media keeps these important communications activities ticking over without spending all your time pumping out words and searching for content.

Finding a VA who is right for you means taking a look at each person’s service offerings. We each come from a different background and have different specialty skills.

How about you? What kind of tasks would you love for someone to take care of so you can focus on the big stuff? Contact me for an obligation-free confidential discussion. Maybe we can collaborate for “good”!

What about me?
I’ve acquired a heap of versatile skills over the years. But I’ve also given thought to where I “fit” best. For me, growing up doing loads of volunteer work, it seems natural to contribute my skills to members of my community in need. The mantra “Think Global, Act Local” quite literally manifested in my career. I traveled for work, while volunteering in my local community was where I felt I really made a difference.

So I relish connecting with others in the social impact space. Contributing to a great cause draws out my energy and passion along with valuable experience. When applying digital marketing tactics with my not for profit and social enterprise clients, I can jump straight in to connect and engage online audiences and help generate social impact.

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