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Find clarity so you can find clients

Having trouble finding clients who need your services?
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Work with me to
navigate your next steps

You’ve taken a bold step to start your business so you can share your talents and skills. Being your own boss is great, but it means it’s up to you to find the clients you want to serve (and to create an income).

You didn’t think it would be that hard, but then again, you’ve never had to promote your own services before. You’re ready to leap over this hurdle to get clients and get going with growing your business. 

Book in for your 1:1 Next Step Navigator workshop
to get ‘unstuck’ and take action

  • You’ve been excited to start your business so you can help people.


  • You’ve read all the blogs and books and taken some courses but applying it all to your business is overwhelming.


  • You could use some help but you don’t want to outsource the work. In fact, you want to get on top of things and keep control of your business marketing. Especially at the start.


  • You’re uncomfortable with the thought of selling. You’re wondering how everyone else finds marketing so easy.
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I get that, and I share your frustration! Promoting our own services isn’t easy. As consultants, coaches, writers, therapists, and similar creative service providers, we’re sharing our expertise and we care deeply about our craft.

While you might be hesitant, taking action is often the antidote to all the uncertainty.

But it’s the ‘taking action’ part you’re stuck on?

That’s where I come in.

How about we figure this out together?

I want to help you find your groove and get promoting your services!


You'll stop spinning your wheels


You’ll get a pretty frank perspective of what’s limiting your progress – so you can address any roadblocks with genuine support


You’ll have a fellow business owner and accountability partner motivating you to take action

After this workshop you’ll have a framework to follow for taking action to get clients

Find clarity to find clients

  • 1 hr interactive 1:1 workshop & workbook
  • Review your actions so far
  • Uncover what’s getting in the way of attracting clients to your business
  • Establish your next action steps

Next Step



In just an hour you'll get clear on what's holding you back from brilliance.

You'll know a number of ways to attract clients and what works for your business and your style.


You'll know what you need to do to make it happen.

Your investment

$198 inc. GST

“Jenny is able to hold the big picture and then break it down into workable chunks. And all along the process of the project, she empowers the client by educating them on each component of the process, as well as coming up with new possibilities to extend my services beyond where I had imagined.”
Maree Crutch | Bayside Oriental Healing Arts

Uncover and smash through roadblocks so you can
connect with the clients who need you

Frequently asked questions

How do I book?

When you click on one of the action buttons on this page, you’ll go through to my scheduler to book a time and pay for the workshop.

How do I attend the workshop?

I’ll send you a link to a Zoom meeting. You’ll need to have a working camera and microphone so we can connect as close to ‘real life’ as possible. I’ll share my screen, so a laptop or desktop computer is needed.

What do I need to prepare?

After you book in, I’ll send you a workbook so you can start thinking. But don’t worry, we’ll go through it together during the session.

I want to hear about what’s on your mind, and discuss the opportunities that would work for you, not talk ‘at’ you!

Jenny Lindsay is everything you could wish for in a marketing expert: knowledgeable, approachable, flexible, and – something that is important for sole traders and small businesses – affordable.

Since working with Connectjen, I have gained confidence in how to market my small business and improved my brand’s visibility immensely.

I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Marie Alafaci | Your Business Writing Coach

What would it cost you to stay stuck?

High stress

No income

No joy

No clients = No business = Not achieving the impact you wanted to make!

marketing doesn't have to be complicated

Find clarity and take action to find your ideal clients

When you’ve discovered what’s stopping you and you’re ready for action, we can continue working together:

> Understanding your ideal client: Creating your customer avatar

> Creating your Marketing Action Plan

> Building momentum with Marketing Mastery sessions

I’m with you all the way to find clarity so you can find clients


Connect with someone who shares your drive to create change